Research Reception

This poster session at Further Together highlighted new and innovative research focused on advancing equity in workforce development. 

Thank to all of our featured presenters! Their research titles and links to posters, where available, are provided below.

Adapting EAPs for Equity: Supporting Marginalized Workplace Populations
Sahrah Marcellin | AIR

Defining a Workforce Development Training System
Tessa Forshaw | Harvard Project on Workforce

Practice and Data Insights to Advance Racial Equity in Online Postsecondary Career and Technical Education
Amanda Briggs | Urban Institute

Building a System for Non-Degree Credential Quality: A Landscape Scan of National Organizations
Michelle Van Noy | Rutgers University

Career Journeys Redefined: Stories of Struggle, Resilience, and Triumph
Michelle Rafferty | National Fund for Workforce Solutions

Experiences of Awe and Meaning at Work
Megan Cuzzolino | Next Level Lab

Do Low-Income Students Stack High -Value Credentials? Differences in Credential-Stacking Between Students from Low- and Higher- Income Backgrounds
Peter Bahr | University of Michigan

Learning, Working, and Recovering in Context: Empowering Users and Addressing Inequities with Behavioral Insights and Human-Centered Systems Design
Samia Amin | AIR

The Role of Worker Voices in Advancing Workplace DEI Efforts and Improving Employment Experiences for Workers of Color
Laurie Harrington | Heldrich Center for Workforce Development

Strengthening Workplaces: Inspiring Employers to Change Based on the Difference between what 5,000 Northeast Ohio people say they want and need in work, and what employers provide
Bishara Addison | The Fund for Our Economic Future

Worker-Centered Benchmarking Project
Alex Breen | CSW

Understanding Sources of Racial Disparities in Employment
Andrew Clarkwest | Abt Associates